Our Services

We are expert executive coaches who help individuals, top executive teams and boards rise to challenges and raise their game.

One to One Coaching for Executives

Our one to one work with individual clients helps them to achieve their goals by accessing and developing their own abilities. We create a completely confidential space in which we work on these issues as partners. Our business and coaching experiences combine to allow clients to unlock their full potential.

Team Development and Facilitation

As executive coaches, focused on helping leaders develop their potential to deliver greater business benefit, we are increasingly called upon to apply our expertise to the development of leadership teams. Often, as a result of coaching a senior executive, it becomes clear that their business will be best served if we help them develop the leadership impact of their whole team.

Working with Women

We are the leading firm working with senior executive women. The specialist knowledge and understanding of the issues facing women at work that we have gained, through our one to one work with senior women and through a decade of specialist research, makes us unique. We use this to coach individuals and to advise organisations.

Board Development

With boards, we conduct sensitive, insightful reviews using our knowledge of best practice as a benchmark. Thereafter, we work with the board and its Directors to help them implement changes designed to raise the board’s effectiveness and, thereby, the performance of the organisation as a whole.

Development Assessment

Self-awareness is at the heart of effective leadership. Praesta offers a specialist and highly customised service that supports individuals’ understanding of themselves, and integrates this with the views of others and the requirements of their organisation. Our Assessment work often forms part of our coaching assignments but can be equally powerful on a stand alone basis.

Master Classes and Workshops

Two aspects of Praesta that make us unique are the breadth of our client relationships and our in house continual professional development programme. The insights we gain from these are fundamental to day-to-day coaching. We capture some of the most important themes in our Praesta Insights publications. We are also often asked by clients to run master classes and workshops on the issues raised by our work and on other aspects of leadership and organisational success.

Chief Executive Succession

Most Chief Executives don't get timely feedback about how they are doing and have to steer by their own magnetic North. Our CEO Self-Assessment is designed to help them look at their performance in the round. If you would like to complete it, please download it here.