Working with Executive Women

Large numbers of women still struggle to identify the critical success factors that will enable them to achieve a Board appointment or otherwise advance their career. Those factors that relate to their own professional and personal development very often emerge as issues of motivation, self-belief and a capacity to both articulate and evidence the impact of their own authentic leadership style.

Our Perspective

We help women clients address these issues by drawing not only on the findings of our research but also on our many years of coaching. Over the last ten years in Praesta we have coached close to a thousand aspiring and successful women leaders, and have distilled from this work a number of crucial areas in which we work with these senior women clients, helping them avoid derailment and build sound, successful careers that equip them for the most senior roles. We address:

Personal style and impact

  • developing confidence and poise: helping a woman with potential become more aware of her strengths and manage her profile
  • expanding influence and impact: helping women develop greater presence and authority, and deploy a wide range of influencing skills
  • developing leadership presence: helping women bring out their authenticity as a leader.

Organisational relationships

  • working with the dynamics of the Board: broadening the client’s perspective of how decisions get made at top management levels
  • networking and building alliances: advising women on the strategies necessary to build essential informal networks and alliances.

Managing career and roles

  • managing your career: raising the client’s sights as to what is achievable; helping her to plan, handle competition, balance work and personal commitments, learn from setbacks and build resilience and determination
  • transitioning into a high profile role: helping women handle the visibility and multiple pressures of a senior leadership position.

We have also noted that women often struggle with their image, how to hold their authority and be themselves. This is reflected in the clothes they wear. We have teamed up with an expert consultant, Celia Clark, who can help clients paint a more considered picture of themselves and increase their impact through the clothes they wear.