Working with Organisations

Building a Receptive Culture for Women’s Development

Chairmen and Chief Executives have been lamenting the lack of female candidates for Board positions for over ten years, but remarkably little progress has been made. Although following the Davies Report many organisations are seeking to address this, the strategic pipeline of women remains an area of significant concern. By focusing on helping organisations develop the organisational context within which women can progress and advance – businesses can make tremendous progress in helping address the critical issues that are potentially holding women back.

Our Perspective

We help our clients address the organisational, cultural and attitudinal factors that influence the opportunities that are open to women. These can be deep-rooted, and may take time to both challenge and transform. Based on our experience and extensive research we therefore build a bespoke programme for each client organisation which can include one, or some, of the following:

  • supporting the business in creating and implementing a comprehensive ‘Roadmap’ for change and in measuring its business impact
  • facilitating workshops for the Board, senior team or operational heads to review the factors that might be affecting women’s success, and agreeing actions to address them
  • identifying explicit or implicit blockages to the progression of senior women
  • advising senior leaders on the skills and approaches needed to create a climate which encourages women to optimise their contribution to the business
  • enabling dialogues between top managers and high potential women to encourage open feedback
  • working with senior leaders and HR professionals to review current data and practice

What we offer

Each organisation is different, and success in this area, like any significant and sustainable cultural change, will depend on the strength of senior level sponsorship, the robustness of the company’s planning and execution and the cross-organisational partnership of all the key players. According to the specific needs of each organisation we provide support in two ways:

  • Specialist advice and consultancy: we work with your in-house professionals and senior leaders to understand your business’s challenges in progressing female talent and to help
    you decide where to start and how to design your "Roadmap"
  • Board and senior team briefings and away-days: we facilitate discussions with your Board and senior leaders to air the issues, share insights, challenge assumptions and enable them to determine the direction they want to take